2007 Was “Hairspray” Directed and

The musical numbers are all staged very well and very fun to watch and they bring the musical style of the 1960s to life, as well. It is a film with a happy ending, which may make it more “Hollywood,” but it makes the viewer think about stereotypes, no matter what they include, from overweight people to black people, and beyond.

There are so many big Hollywood names in the cast, including Christopher Walken, Michelle Pfeiffer, and Queen Latifa, that it is also fun to watch. However, the best performance had to be by Nikki Blonsky, a newcomer who plays Tracy extremely well and convincingly.

This was her first film role, but she looked like a veteran throughout the film, and helped bring the campy, amusing nature of the film to life.

In conclusion, “Hairspray” is my favorite film of 2007 because it is fun, the musical numbers are engaging, but it makes me think, as well. At first glance, it just seems like another Broadway musical brought to film, but its message is much more than that, and it is the kind of film.

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