Agamemnon the Characters in Aeschylus

Yet they also quickly undermine their strengths as leaders by focusing overly much on their impulse to take revenge. Revenge is a key theme of Agamemnon, a driving force behind most of the characters actions.

Selfhood is depicted as a journey in Aeschylus play mainly through the title character. Agamemnons changing sense of self contrasts considerably with that of his wife. While Agamemnon has let go of the sacrifice of Iphigenia to focus on the present and future demands of his position, Queen Clytemnestra does not. She harbors guilt and resentment to a breaking point, feeling and then acting on an irrational urge to murder. Whereas Agamemnon becomes aware of the destructive power of hubris in the human spirit, his wife does not. He refuses to play into her egotistical demands such as walking with pomp down the purple-plated floor. By bolstering his image, Queen Clytemnestra only boosts her sense of self with pride; Agamemnon displays more growth as a character but is killed before he can reach true self-realization.

Cassandra is instrumental in helping Agamemnon achieve his personal growth. Although taken captive to Greece, she becomes a channel for transformation. She assists Agamemnon on his journey with complete disregard for her self, too. Cassandra is the only ego-less character in the play, and brings out the true natures of Agamemnon and Clytemnestra.

Aeschylus play Agamemnon demonstrates how leaders handle personal power. Leadership is depicted as a struggle between natural tendencies toward hubris and the desire to make personal sacrifices for the greater good. At the beginning of the drama, Agamemnon and Queen Clytemnestra make the greatest sacrifice of all: their child Iphigenia. The Queen spirals into delusion and despair, losing her ability to lead with integrity. Even though King Agamemnon demonstrates the potential to shine as a leader and exhibits personal growth, his budding sense of self is cut short by his murder..

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