Change Intitative/Change Intervention Dtc Corporation

This change initiative is referred to as Talent Acquisition (Softscape, 2005).

Then, the organization should establish some clear measurements of the work performance and implement stricter regulations for internal control. They must however pay attention not to be autocratic relative to the employees, but offer them sufficient space and freedom to think clearly and creatively. Also, still related to human resource changes, the companys overcoming the crisis is highly dependent on the skills and capabilities of the staff. In this order of ideas, the management should offer the employees training programs and should send them to international conferences of the it industry. This would not only increase employees satisfaction on the job (and consequently their efforts and performances), it would also ensure DTC with better qualified and informed personnel. In other words, the company should be based on the learning and development principle (Softscape, 2005).

All in all, the DTC Corporation must motivate its employees to increase their efforts, must unify their goals to work together as a team and must sustain and promote free thinking and creativity.

They will do this by implementing change strategies at operational levels, the human resource department and at top management level. Once this has been realized and the internal disputes have been stopped, or at least limited, the organization will be better able to cope with the requirements of the outside environment (Versant Solutions, 2008). They will become more adaptable and increase their chances of regaining corporate strength.


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