Ethical Leadership in Business Is

However, nowadays, more and more people feel they are psychologically persecuted by their employers through constant control and monitoring of their e-mail or personal conversations. Moreover, there are business owners who show little respect for the moral and physical integrity of their employees by exploiting their qualities and services.

I consider leadership ethics is an important aspect of business. They represent the core values of the code of conduct of both employers and employees. At the same time, leadership ethics is the reference point for the aspects concerning social responsibility. Most corporations today are well aware of the social pressures coming from both employees and the public opinion and have tried to develop new policies based on the ethical values and norms of leadership. It can be said that the evolution of social responsibility and the importance given to it are some of the achievements the implementation of such ethical beliefs have had throughout the years.

The establishment of a set of ethical norms to regulate and coordinate the actions of leaders is important because it offers a means of control as well. Having in mind certain values such as fair treatment of employees, social justice, integrity, and respect ensures that the actions undergone by leaders in business, in relation to their employees, as well as in connection with their actual activities, are carried out with a deep sense of honesty, moral consideration, and, probably the most important, humanity.


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