Family and Marriage Evans Two

She is smart, she understands the issues, and she has a good way of communicating them to her readers. After reading this op-ed, it should make the reader want to get up and get involved, and it should also point out that societys mores change through time, and that means there is hope for the future, anyway. She writes, “Perhaps 25 years from now we will find it just as incredible that two people of the same sex were not entitled to legally commit themselves to one another. Love and commitment are rare enough; it seems absurd to thwart them in any guise” (Quindlen). This is the way she ends her essay, and it makes the reader think about old-fashioned belief systems, and how ideas change, and makes this reader hope that she is right, and someday, this all may just seem like a bad dream.

A like her article very much, because it makes me think about what other people have to face in their lives, and how they have to be strong in order to survive and thrive in a society that judges them because of their sexual preferences.

She uses a variety of evidence that is compelling and thought provoking. If I had to face some of the issues that she brings up in the article, such as not being able to have health insurance, or being shut out by my loved ones family, I am not sure I would be strong enough to endure, and yet, these are common occurrences for many gay and lesbian couples. It makes me think about society, but also about the convictions of these couples. They love each other, and as Quindlen says, they should be able to share that love like any other couple. I hope it does not take another 25 years for this to happen, I hope it happens much sooner.


Quindlen, Anna. “Evans Two Moms.” New York Times. 1992. 25 Feb. 2008.

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