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Human Resources planning and strategy will be key in enabling the organization to deal with pandemic situations. This leads to another primary challenge that the health care industry faces which is the shortage of nursing staff in todays health care organizations and institutions. Nursing staff in the healthcare industry re under great stresses on staffing due to an inadequate supply of individuals pursuing their nursing degree with an.”..unprecedented demand for nursing services” however, colleges and universities as well as health care institutions have failed to develop effective workforce supply. The work of Bleich and Hewlett (2004) entitled: “Dissipating the Perfect Storm – Responses from Nursing and the Health Care Industry to Protect the Publics Health” published by the Journal of Issues in Nursing states: “In spite of the progress in nurse recruitment, the prognosis for balancing supply with demand is still precarious, at best. Sadly, AACN (2003a) reports that more than 11,000 qualified students were turned away from baccalaureate programs due to limited numbers of faculty (attributed as up to 65% of the cause), clinical sites, and classroom space. The faculty shortage will affect the future supply of nurses.” (Bleich and Hewlett, 2004)


This memorandum has identified three primary factors that will affect global health care in the very near future which are the factors of: (1) staff shortages; and (2) increased demand for health care; and (3) increasing spread of diseases worldwide with pandemic potentiality and likelihood existent.

It is vital that the health care industry address these issues proactively and in a manner that allows flexibility in terms of the roles of leadership, management, human resources, doctors, and nursing staff in providing the best possible care to patients in the most effective manner while responsibly and frugally utilizing available resources whether tangible or in terms of human capital of the health care industry.


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