Holy Wars and Crusades Although

As can be seen, all three of the above discussed authors contribute an essential point-of-view and approach to the question of the modern day fundamentalism and todays holy wars and crusades. Although each author takes a unique approach to the subject, it is impossible to say that one is right and another wrong. Instead, each authors approach adds to or supplements the other authors theories and approaches. For example, whereas as Armstrong provides an in depth theoretical explanation for the problem, she does little in terms of backing her theory up with first person documentation from the present day situation. Instead, much of her theory is based on references to past events and circumstances. However, her theory is given more credibility by the interviews conducted by Juergensmeyer.

Since the issue of modern day fundamentalism is to broad and obscure for any one scholar to tackle in its entirety, understanding must be gained by a broad reading on the subject. Thus, the three authors presented in this paper each offer important insight into understanding both the history and current status of religious fundamentalism.


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