Intelligence Vs Smart It Would

And we are no stranger to the fact that smart people do very well in the practical world.

In practical world, no one really cares about your GPA. It doesnt matter how much you got in Statistics or Math but they sure do care about application. In businesses around the globe, every single employer would want an employee who is a quick learner but who doesnt simply learn from books. He is a learner in the true sense and learns from observations, experiences, and other stimuli. This is a gift that all smart people possess. Intelligent people may or may not have this kind of learning habit since they are limited to books.

I consider myself smart and intelligent both. And being smart is a gift that I cherish. its a gift I thank God for because not everyone in my class could be called smart.

I generally love to learn. I learn from friend through discussions, I learn from my interactions with seniors, I learn from the internet and I am happy I can do that. Being smart helps you massively in application.

In the end, we must say that people who are intelligent and who earn good grades will always be favorites in school especially with teachers. Teachers respect people who show good progress on progress report. But I guess teachers must try their best to inculcate smartness. They must encourage students to become smarter in application and nurturing smartness should be a bigger and more important goal than forcing students to memorize things to reproduce on paper..

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