International Students Coping With Culture

g. culture shock, potential solutions and/or considerations to better overcome potential negative consequences are examined during the proposed literature review.

Research Questions to Guide Exploration

The research questions proposed for this study, presented in the previous chapter will help ensure sources remain in tune with proposed aims and objectives.

1. What challenges/scrutinizes currently confront Middle Eastern Students attending George Mason University, located in the heart of Northern


2. How did 911 impact policies related to Arabian students?

3. Do Arabian students and/or the U.S. gain any intrinsic value(s) from time invested to study in the U.S.

Along with answering these research questions, additional consideration will be invested in culture shock, George Mason University; U.S. government policies following the 911 disaster; positive counters to culture shock and other relevant current concerns.

2.2: In the U.S.A.

U.S. Government Policies Following the 911 Disaster

George Mason University actively promotes positive cultural interactions. Recently, it “was chosen as the only university in the world to be an official host site for the 2008 Olympic Landscape Sculpture International Exhibition.”

Figure 9: Chinese Dragon Dance Opening Ceremony for the 2008 Olympic Landscape Sculpture International Exhibition (George Mason)

Culture Shock and Other Current Concerns

Symptoms of Culture Shock

Feeling very angry over minor inconveniences


Withdrawal from people who are different from you

Extreme homesickness

Sudden intense feeling of loyalty to own culture

Overeating or loss of appetite

Boredom need for excessive sleep


Upset stomach

Small pains really hurt


Loss of ability to work or study effectively

Unexplainable crying

Marital or relationship stress

Exaggerated cleanliness

Feeling sick much of the time (Schneider)

Positive Counters to Cultural Shock and Other Current Concerns

Lead-in to the next chapter.



3.1: Introduction

To answer the proposed following research questions, this researcher proposes to use the mixed methodology, combining a questionnaire (or interviews or… ) with literary

1. What challenges/scrutinizes currently confront Middle Eastern Students attending George Mason University, located in the heart of Northern


2. How did 911 impact policies related to Arabian students?

3. Do Arabian students and/or the U.S. gain any intrinsic value(s) from time invested to study in the U.S.

3.2: Data to Be Utilized

This researcher proposes to secure quality information, including scholarly works reviewed by peers and published by reputable agencies. This studys literature search methodology segment will include more than 25 primarily electronic sources, including the following types of literature:

Journal Articles

Scholarly Books

Magazine Articles

Analytical Articles

Newspaper Articles

Case Studies

Web Sites

Informal Interviews

Search Limits

Dates of the majority of publications will be limited to information not more than five years old, with one exception, published in 1995, as this researcher perceives the five stages of culture shock noted by this book to be vital.

English will constitute the language of research sources.

The following figure (10) depicts the online processes this researcher utilized to retrieve targeted documents.

Figure 10:

Depiction of Search Process for Literature on the World Wide Web (Sand-bay, 2007)

3.3: Methods and Techniques

When assessing information to be used in this study, relevant retrieved research will be placed into three files and saved for further evaluation.

Articles and excerpts from books will be then rated with codes:

denoted information not deemed relevant indicated information which may or may not be deemed relevant depicted information deemed relevant (Sandbay, 2007)

Keywords and phrases this research to be used in the search for data/information throughout the project will include, but not be limited to:

Figure 10: Research Project Mind Map

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