Maladies in Jhumpa Lahiris “Interpreter

The Das family is self-centered and quite unmoved by the things they see around them – they are typical “ugly” Americans who have no interest in their background or culture. They seem bored by the tour, and by each other, and the reader has to wonder why they bothered to take the trip in the first place. They seem to think they are “superior” to their surroundings, somehow, simply because they are from America and have more opportunities and a different lifestyle. The author uses the symbols of the Chandrabhaga River and the Temple of the Sun as symbols of a culture that is slowly dying because people like the Das family do not keep it alive.

This is actually a sad story because it illustrates how few ties most immigrants keep with their home countries, and how Americanized and selfish they become. The Das family really learns nothing from their trip to India, when it could have been a real cultural awakening for the.

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