Personal Statement for Law School

This is why I consider the legal system to be the only means available for people to defend their rights, without discrimination for their position, as an accused or plaintiff.

There are many misfortunes that take place every day. In a lot of these situations, there are people who cannot benefit from a proper defense of their interests and who fall prey to the legal systems throughout the world. Innocents are accused without being given a viable chance to defend themselves; poor individuals often cannot stand up for their rights and become victims of the system. From this point-of-view, I consider that the mission of a lawyer is precisely to make sure that such abuses do not occur. My personal experience with the legal system as a child has made me consider the importance of proper defense against abuses, of any kind, for each of us. Due to an unfortunate event, I had to leave home for a year until the legal issues related to that incident were resolved.

On this occasion I came in contact with the legal system and with the need to have the law in defending ones rights. Therefore, I can say that my desire to help others in need or in situations similar to mines is very powerful and motivational.

Probably one of the most important aspects of the career in law is the personal satisfaction of helping those less fortunate. I strongly believe that a legal situation can have a decisive effect in the life of an individual. Therefore, succeeding in defending his rights and protecting him from abuses is one of the biggest rewards one can receive. However, this success demands a thorough academic preparation and skilled knowledge. Having this in mind, I do consider that your university can offer me a high quality academic experience, one that will enable a young, determinate, enthusiastic, but at the same time realistic student to follow his dream of making use of the law to help people in need..

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