Print Art and Advertising and

Indeed, Rodrigue was very pleased to be commissioned in this way. Another artist who followed this trend was Yuri Gorbachev, painting the bottle during the early 1990s. After this, the artist created a “Christmas present” for Stolichnaya. This proved so successful that the company retained this artistic service on a yearly basis. Many of these ads have found their way into collectors homes, where they are framed and displayed. In this way, the boundaries between art and advertising have blurred even further.

The success of such advertisements, along with the associated respect for the artists involved, is indicative of consumer reaction to such advertising. The reason for this is ascribed to the qualities of fine art: the quality, strength and emotion associated with art is communicated to the product being advertised, which finds its way into the consumer heart and mind on a multiplicity of levels. Using art in this way helps advertisers to appeal to the emotions of their potential customers. Emotional appeal occurs firstly on the strength of vision, and hence art urges the consumer towards a desire to spend.

3) Positive and Negative Effects.

I believe that the most significant effect of art in advertising is positive. Artists are provided with the opportunity to become both well-known and make a living from their products. In addition, advertising becomes a source not only of attempting to sell products, but also of entertainment for the viewer. In this way, prints such as the Absolut bottle and other advertisements where fine art is used, provide both creators and consumers with a basis for connection.

Products are provided with an extra edge, and consumers feel that they are investing in quality when they shop.

A possible negative effect is that unestablished artists tend to be wary of the advertising field on the strength of the assumption that they would not be taken seriously as artists. If however an increasing number of established artists are engaged in this way, new artists can use advertising as a springboard for their later success.

4) Future Trends

The future of advertising will probably see an even greater integration of fine art and products advertised. This may so intensify that art and advertising might soon become interchangeable, with each being able to substitute for the other. In terms of opportunity and entertainment, this trend can mean a favorable outlook for future advertisers and artists. The quality of products can be enhanced in the public eye, and artists can be provided with greater exposure.

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