Rastafarian: Dread Politic There Are

It is from this cultural paradigm that emerged the concept of “dread.” This term was used as synonymous to “God-fearer,” to describe the adherents to Rastafarianism. According to Rastafarian mysticism, JAH (God) was immediately present within each dread.

In European existentialism, the concept appears to be diametrically opposite to that within African philosophy. According to Steven Kreis (2006), for example, existential dread is the result of the perceived absence of God or indeed any spirituality or deeper meaning in life. Whereas the Rastafarian dread immerses the soul within the consciousness of God, the existentialist searches for meaning in the very lack and absence of God. Like Rastafarianism, however, the existentialist concept provides meaning within itself: human life is meaningful because it is meaningless: meaning is found within physical and perceived existence.


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