Samsung Case the Primary Strategy

In other words, the fact that he was able to unify and integrate the fifty-five advertising agencies into a single one to improve the brand image makes him a strategic leader.

Another situation which proves the leader characteristics of Eric Kim is given by his numerous discussions and the development of strategic partnerships with American retailers.

4. It is only natural for the organization to aspire to a position of international leadership. However, this would be rather difficult to achieve. There is a wide array of strong competitors on each segment targeted by Samsung and ensuring this position would require numerous efforts and resources of all natures, resources Samsung does not currently possess. In other words, however Samsungs vision is not impossible and it is even desirable to motivate corporate employees, it is rather unrealistic.

A more and more common form of organizational structuring is the learning organization. And in the context of it, where chance occurs on daily basis, the process of learning and gaining more knowledge is a continuous activity. The leaders play a vital role within the management of knowledge and the learning organization from several perspectives. As such, they have the capability of influencing and stimulating employees to increase their knowledge base. Then, this newly acquired knowledge would be used to the benefit of the organization and would materialize in better products, the incorporation of newer and better technologies, cost reduction or the better satisfaction of customers needs and wants.


Leadership Case Problem, Samsung Sings a.

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